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magical mirror skin analyzer machine

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factory of linknov

why choose linknovProfessional R&D Team

Linknov has an R&D team of 20 persons for the research and development of equipment hardware, software and automation.

why choose linknov

why choose usExcellent Pre-sales and after-sales services

We offer customer-oriented services, 24 hours technical support, 48 hours test running, 72 hours of aging test and we ensure prompt delivery.

why choose linknov20+ Years   Professional Experience

  With 20+ years of experience in the beauty equipment industry, our talented team and excellent management system have come to create a world leading brand in the beauty equipment industry.

R&D team

why choose linknovGood partners all over the word

Linknov has a worldwide reputation and our customers are located across the globe and our products are exported to over 180 countries.

why choose us

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